About us
Established in 1991, Wong Jewelry Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of 925 silver jewelry to worldwide markets. Our professional designers have created a stunning range of over 10,000 styles, all of fine quality with our experienced, skilled and dedicated team of craftspeople, we are able to custom make items to meet your unique needs. Achieving customer satisfaction is achieved through our ingrained system of quality assurance which ensures that every aspect of our service is focused on providing outstanding products with reliable delivery times. We look forward to serving you.
Head office

Our head office is located at Sathorn Rd, in the heart of Bangkok. Over 10,000 of our products and designs are displayed here and more are introduced every month for order. We welcome both retail all customers and offer excellent service quality with VIP room for customers to relax while choosing the products.

Open on Monday-Saturday between 8.30-5.30pm our showroom displays more than 100 new designs every month and 10,000 designs are ready in our stock including necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, bangles, charms, and beads to help you to relax while choosing the product, we provide a VIP room which contains every design in our stock for you to select.

We also have regular promotions and sales on selected stocks,

Our experienced and highly trained craftspeople about are able to produce high quality goods to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. Following strict quality assurance procedures, we can ensure finished products to ensure customer satisfaction. More than 500 people are working with us.